Building Bridges


When you crack yourself open and let out the fear and love and joy and anger that resides within your walls, you hope that the courage it took you to do so isn’t met with silence. When you are searching for something and you put out that distress signal, you would give anything to hear the sweet sound of something other than static. When you feel like you’ve reached the end of the rope, all you want to see is that someone was kind and thoughtful enough to tie up a tire swing. Hope for these things but never expect them.

I’ve pulled out a bit of my heart and left it on the table, raw for all to see. I wasn’t expecting that wound to be soothed by so many kind words, to be matched with your own courage and vulnerability. I’m not sure I can convey how much your call, your message, your text meant to me. With every one hot tears from a place of love would fall down my face. So many seeking the same connectedness. A simple and true Thank You is the only thing I can find to attach to my gratitude.