This Time With Heart

Looky, looky! I actually finished a quilt!


I started this quilt last May as a graduation gift. Then I sort of stumbled over my own life and I couldn’t quite get it completed. Lots of hurdles and road blocks but I managed to plow through the first weekend in December and get it quilted, bound, and delivered before the end of the year. Actually six months isn’t so bad considering I have projects sitting around that are going on the six YEAR mark to be finished. Win.

DSC_0249 DSC_0251 DSC_0252

The problem is I put a lot of thought into handmade gifts, especially quilts. Overall design, how they will use it, colors, and words. This takes time.

To me, everyone has a color. When I think of a person, there is a color that goes along with what I see in my mind. It might not necessarily be their favorite color, but often it is. From this I choose a palette and then fabrics. Then I choose a pattern. Gentle and flowing or sharp and angular. Singular and graphic or repetitive and encompassing.


Then the making can start. Cutting and sewing. With the stitches I make, I think about the person I am making the quilt for.  DSC_0422

I put my heart into every one of those stitches. Until my fingers are sore and my shoulders are stiff.


Finally I give it last words. I label my quilts with lyrics, sayings, or quotes that best capture my thoughts or feelings for the intended.


The quilts I create are my love made tangible. They are literally crafted with blood, sweat, and tears so I don’t make them on whims or without thought. If my heart isn’t in it, I have a hard time focusing. I’m trying to stop stumbling and get back to the road I know because my heart has a lot of love that needs to be let out through creating.

And there is a baby boy here who needs his own blanket of love to be wrapped in because it is cold out there.

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