2 thoughts on “Autumn in Wisconsin Is for Lovers

  1. What a great bunch of photos. You two look just like a teen age couple, so beautiful, these two people. I can see little Helena looks just like her Mommy, You two have the most beautiful children. I just love them. They know their great gram as we Skype when ever possible. I hope things are better. I know how overwhelming things are at this point with 4 little ones. It will get better. I know, my first baby was 3 and a half when the 4th one was born. Always 3 in diapers and they were cloth ones,not disposable. I didn’t have a washer & dryer just an old wringer washer and clothes line until the 3rd one was born, Lot of days were tough, but it will get better (at least by the time they leave home and get Married) No not really we had so many good memories. and you will too. Love all of you.

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