one year older, one year smarter

Today is my birthday. Twenty-nine.


I was going to make myself a cake today but now I don’t know. I really like celebrating birthdays but I’m not sure if I have the energy today. Plus it’s ugly outside. Yesterday was beautiful. Yesterday, though, we went to the doctor. Evelyn for her missed eighteen month appointment and August for his two month. We all got shots, even the mama. Then I had to work. They are a little clingy today and my arm hurts. And I don’t know what kind of cake I want.

Inspired by Nicole over at Making it Lovely, I wrote down some things I would like to accomplish this upcoming year before I turn thirty. Here is my list:

30 by Thirty

  1. Paint our bedroom
  2. Sew a pair of slippers for myself
  3. Take a family trip to Chicago in the summer
  4. Clean the basement
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Frame artwork
  7. Have family photos taken
  8. Read at least five books (that aren’t board books)
  9. Put a fence around the back yard
  10. Start savings accounts for the kids
  11. Cook a new dish once a month
  12. Get a pedicure
  13. Make at least three quilts (actually finish them, binding and all)
  14. Baby books
  15. Get bangs
  16. Build a swingset
  17. Go to a waterpark
  18. Learn to shoot completely manual
  19. Figure out timer on camera to take self portraits
  20. Update my blog
  21. Find the perfect pair of boots
  22. Take a water aerobics class
  23. Finish knitting peach baby blanket
  24. Make storage shelves for the attic and cellar
  25. Finish the basement bathroom
  26. Wear lipstick
  27. Create an organized crafting space
  28. Swim in a lake or river
  29. Not be pregnant
  30. Climb Gibraltar Rock

Not exactly a bucket list but I hope to celebrate its completion next year with a big party- with cake and all.

8 thoughts on “one year older, one year smarter

  1. Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman, mama and wife!!! Hope you made the cake or had some – we all need a little cake in our lives šŸ˜‰


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